NBA Rising Stars Challenge 2014: Draft Results for Team Webber and Team Hill

Bleacher Report – NBA - 3 months ago.

For two straight years, Shaquille O'Neal proved unable to defeat Charles Barkley. Now, we'll have to see who proves superior between fellow TNT analysts Grant Hill and Chris Webber.     

In a special edition of TNT's NBA Tip-Off on Thursday, Feb. 6, Hill and Webber evenly distributed the 2014 crop of rookies and sophomores who will be competing in this year's festivities in New Orleans via fantasy draft. The highlight of Friday night during All-Star Weekend, the fantasy draft replaced the stale rookies vs. sophomores format and is largely credited with other formats in other sports leagues.

The NFL's Pro Bowl most recently adopted a fantasy-draft format, in which legends Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice divvied... Read more

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Are the Trail Blazers Real Title Contenders?

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Howard Beck’s Predictions for Thursday’s NBA Playoff Matchups

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Cold Hard Fact for Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Report: Jeff Green ‘Eminently Available’ in Potential Trade

Bleacher Report – NBA - 2 hours ago. Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green is reportedly available to the highest bidder. With a ceiling closing on his potential and a contract outpacing his production, it might not take much to place that highest bid. In the trade rumor mill—a cloudy world of half-truths and billowing smoke—it’s rare to find a report with language as […]...

NBA Playoffs 2014: Updated 1st-Round Bracket and Championship Odds

Bleacher Report – NBA - 2 hours ago. The first round of the 2014 NBA playoffs started off with high expectations, and the battles between the toughest teams in the league have spawned elite action in both the Eastern and Western Conferences. With many of the league’s top stars creating a buzz around basketball with their elite play—everyone from LeBron James to Kevin […]...

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James Harden Failing to Show Up for Houston Rockets at Worst Possible Time

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NBA Playoff Picks: Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats, Game 3

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2014 NBA Mock Draft: Updated Projections for Where Top Stars Fall in First Round

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Chris Paul’s True Alter Ego Is Too Nasty for TV Commercials

Bleacher Report – NBA - 4 hours ago. Kids instinctively can tell who is in charge. That’s why the gang of adolescent boys roaming the Los Angeles Clippers’ locker room Monday night greeted 7-foot DeAndre Jordan as if he were a peer and gathered around Chris Paul, who, seated in front of his locker, was nearly at eye level with them, as if […]...

James Harden Gets Into It with Reporter, Says ‘Game 3 Is Our Season’

Bleacher Report – NBA - 5 hours ago. James Harden isn’t so much a sore loser as he is a cranky, someone-give-that-guy-a-Snickers loser. Following their 112-105 Game 2 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, the Houston Rockets predictably weren’t in good spirits or especially chatty. And who could blame them? They lost two straight games at home, stripping themselves of home-court advantage and […]...

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NBA Playoffs 2014: Underdog Teams with Best Chance to Pull the Upset

Bleacher Report – NBA - 6 hours ago. The 2014 NBA playoffs are commonly filled with upsets, but this year’s early crop of games has been anything but predictable. With teams like the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors pulling off surprising series-opening wins, the postseason got off to a strong start. But no one remembers teams who almost clinch huge series wins. […]...

NBA Playoff Schedule 2014: Postseason Bracket and TV Info for Rest of 1st Round

Bleacher Report – NBA - 6 hours ago. While traditionally there’s no place like home when it comes to the NBA playoffs, the road teams have made some early statements this postseason, none louder than the Washington Wizards and Portland Trail Blazers, who lead their respective series 2-0 despite opening on the road. But the Wizards and Blazers aren’t alone when it comes […]...

How Mike Miller Can Be Critical Cog in Memphis Grizzlies’ Playoff Run

Bleacher Report – NBA - 7 hours ago. This year’s Memphis Grizzlies are filled with pleasant surprises (James Johnson, Courtney Lee, pre-illegal-substance-suspension Nick Calathes, 15 minutes of Beno Udrih), but Mike Miller is the most important. Coming off three straight NBA Finals appearances as the Miami Heat’s “break in case of emergency” flamethrower, the 34-year-old forward now fills an even more useful and […]...

Why LA Lakers Must Pick a Big Man in 2014 Draft

Bleacher Report – NBA - 7 hours ago. The Los Angeles Lakers have gaping holes to fill in their frontcourt. This year’s draft could provide an opportunity to start filling that chasm. Yes, Australian wonderkid Dante Exum could potentially be a point guard of the future, but let’s get real—he’ll most likely be gone by the time the Lakers are on the clock […]...

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Should LA Lakers Keep Kent Bazemore?

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LaMarcus Aldridge Displays Playoff Dominance Unseen Since Michael Jordan

Bleacher Report – NBA - 11 hours ago. For the first two quarters, it was Dwight Howard who had the basketball-viewing universe believing in superstar resurrections—devastating help defense, ferocious slams delivered beyond breathable air, the look of a god with a game to match. Then the second half happened and LaMarcus Aldridge—already the author of 69 points in three playoff halves—just kept coming. […]...