NBA Rising Stars Challenge 2014: Draft Results for Team Webber and Team Hill

Bleacher Report – NBA - 3 years ago.

For two straight years, Shaquille O'Neal proved unable to defeat Charles Barkley. Now, we'll have to see who proves superior between fellow TNT analysts Grant Hill and Chris Webber.     

In a special edition of TNT's NBA Tip-Off on Thursday, Feb. 6, Hill and Webber evenly distributed the 2014 crop of rookies and sophomores who will be competing in this year's festivities in New Orleans via fantasy draft. The highlight of Friday night during All-Star Weekend, the fantasy draft replaced the stale rookies vs. sophomores format and is largely credited with other formats in other sports leagues.

The NFL's Pro Bowl most recently adopted a fantasy-draft format, in which legends Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice divvied... Read more

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