Watch High Schooler Josh Ruggles Set A World Record By Hitting 135 Three-Pointers in 5 Mins

Dime Mag - 3 years ago.

High School, Video / Aug 9, 2013 / 4:16 pm

By Spencer Lund

Class of 2015 high school basketball player, Josh Ruggles, might be the best shooter you’ve never heard about. The 6-1 guard from Wheaton Academy in Western Chicago, is the reigning Illinois King of the Hill IHSA State Three Point Champion. So it’s not totally crazy that he would set a world record for three-pointers in 5 minutes, but it’s still crazy how accurate he is from deep until you watch him do it on video.

During this year’s NCAA Tournament, Josh saw a video Michigan’s Nik Stauskas hit 102 three pointers in five minutes with just two balls... Read more

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